Wednesday, January 7, 2009

You Might Be a Big Fat Pig If ...

at the Foodstuffs counter at your work building's food court, the woman making your salad asks you if you're sure that's enough bacon on your salad, then the trainer who weighed you and took your measurements for your gym's "Biggest Loser" type contest asked you if you think the the XL t-shirt that comes with your entry in the contest would be big enough for you.

I don't want to be the fattie anymore. I want to be able to wear cool clothes. I don't want to have to take high blood pressure medication for the rest of my life. I don't want to get diabetes. I don't want to get a heart attack before I'm 50 (actually I don't want to have a heart attack ever). I don't want to eat like a drunk drinks. I want to play hockey again. I want to walk through MarketDays this summer with my shirt off.

I've made myself a salad for lunch tomorrow. And I'm going back to the gym tomorrow night. And Thursday. I can lose 10 pounds by the first week of Feb. 15 by mid-March. 20 by the beginning of May. 30 by July 4. This is not the only thing I need to do in the near future, but it is No. 1 right now.

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