Thursday, January 15, 2009

CNN's Rick Sanchez Rocks!

Exposing the idiocy, hypocrisy and utter self-serving, hate-fueled absurdity that is "Joe" the Plumber, whose real name is Sam and who is not even a plumber, daring to say that media is the problem and media should like, you know, be barred from reporting.

Face it, Sam, and everyone who thinks this creep is some kind of a hero or iconic figure -- YOU LOST. The crap you stand for -- if you stand for anything besides being against good and hating anything unfamiliar, was REJECTED by a majority of the American people in November and for the next four, probably eight, and possibly 12 or 16 years, you will be in the minority.

You don't deserve this platform you've been taking advantage of, you haven't earned it and Rick Sanchez rightly and properly calls you and your ilk out. You don't know Jack, Sam, and every time you or those deluded folk who are all rah rah for you make the mistake of opening your mouths, you only expose more of your ignorance.

Rick Sanchez, you've just gained a new fan in me.

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