Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Work

Well, that whole Christmas/New Year's Holiday period was nice. The week of doing absolutely nothing, with not having to either go to work or work on anything for anyone else, was lovely, as well.

But now we have to switch gears, and it's going to be a doozy going from neutral to whatever gear it would be that enables one to go faster and up on a steep incline. Besides the 37.5 hour a week job, I also have to do two pieces a month for the monthly paper, I'm starting work on a soon-to-be-unveiled blog for my mainstream media employer (so no slacking off for weeks at a time, as I would be tempted to do with a personal blog) and starting this week I am enrolled in two courses at DePaul, one an introduction to community/public relations, the other in quantitative reasoning. Both the classes are online (you think I wanna trudge through the snow any more than I have to the next few months?) Add to this the ongoing family drama, including the one day a week job of driving my mother around to her bank, her grocery store, her doctor, etc., etc. (she has two other offspring, both in their late 50s, but she'd not dream of asking them for anything even though they both pillaged her home and savings over the last decade, but I digress.) It's quite daunting, all that is in front of me. I am amazed at how people (maybe some of you!) are able to handle two or three jobs, do other things on the side and still have a personal life or at the very least not become a hermit for months on end.

Oh, and I've resolved to drop 40 pounds by the end of summer. Shirtless at MarketDays, that's what I'm going to be -- no matter how much I've lost by then. That's my way of motivating myself to keep working out and to push myself away from the Taco Bell and get the salad at McDonald's instead of the McRib. That'll be the toughest thing since food, like Rhoda Morgenstern used to say, was the first thing I loved that ever loved me back, and I expect to go back for some of that love and reassurance and temporary comfort often.

Yeah, it may be a bumpy ride, but it may also be really fun. Let's go!

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Sarospice said...

but shirtless at MARKET DAZE will mean nothing if Val and I are not there to ogle you! We think you're perfect AS IS! (And yes I understand and yes you are free to motorboat my breast when i get them). :P