Thursday, July 31, 2008

Will Griffey Jr. Help the Sox?

Apparently, the Chicago White Sox have made a trade today for Ken Griffey Jr. Some people are calling this a "bold" move, which it is, but I just don't see how it helps the Sox. Besides a name that everyone recognizes, what does Griffey bring to the Sox? 

He likely may take the ever-slumping Paul Konerko's spot in the lineup and he provides some needed defensive strength in the outfield, but I don't really think he provides the offensive "pop" the Sox are in desperate need of right now. So far this season he has a .245 average and 15 home runs, despite playing in one of the most homer-friendly parks in baseball, in Cincinnati. I think he would have made more sense for the Cubs rather than the Sox. While he has 600 career home runs, it was excruciating this season seeing him step up to the plate time and time again trying to get No. 600. And no matter how many home runs a player has hit in his career, the fact that he has even gotten near 600 means, geez, he's been around a long time, hasn't he?The White Sox as currently constituted are old enough -- they don't really need another veteran whose best days are behind him.

That doesn't mean it won't be exciting to see Junior in a Sox uniform. But I would have rather have seen them go after, say, Ichiro (yes, you can have some of what I'm smoking) or Grady Sizemore (sorry, I have just smoked it all!). I know this isn't fantasy baseball and Kenny Williams can't buy and drop players on a week-to-week basis. But looking to next season, they need to shore up the shortstop position, since its unlikely Cabrera will be around past this October (Pittsburgh's Jack Wilson is one I'd love to see there for the Sox) and get another solid outfielder (gosh, I wish Seattle and Cleveland were selling just for the sake of selling and Kenny Williams would momentarily lose his mind and spend a little...)

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JUSTIN said...

A curious move, no doubt. But what really matters is that my boys swept the Brewers today! WOOT!