Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Do the Shuffle

I hope that when I inevitably adopt a new 16GB Ipod Touch my Ipod Shuffle doesn't feel left out and unloved, like a puppy when a baby joins the household, because I really think it is a brilliant invention and I don't think I could walk or jog or exer-bike or lift as much as I do these days without it providing me with my blood-pumping soundtrack. 

Last Friday I went for a little jog/walk and I didn't turn the shuffle off once I got home. Tonight I went to work out and found the shuffle was still on. Oh crap, I thought. But alas, the battery was still strong and powered my shuffle through tonight's heavy lifting workout. Amazing, especially since my Nano can barely hold a full charge more than a few hours.

Not so much luck with the used G3 Imac I bought last November. I've had to perform computer CPR on it a few times and whenever it is turned off, it loses settings and such and twice already I have lost my itunes library (backup, backup, backup. Always backup!) Last week it lost the itunes library again, so I had to re-authorize the shuffle and then go through my restored library to put together a bunch of either fast and hard or just plain hard, songs to make up my shuffle playlist (since I really only use it to run or lift along with).

So, here's what I'm listening to these days to get my feet moving or my blood pumping so I can lift heavy things.

*Mother -- Danzig
*Don't Stop Me Now -- Queen
*I Want It All -- Queen
*Bring The Noise (Remix) -- Public Enemy
*All You Need Is Me -- Morrissey
*Proper Education -- (It's a Dance Remix of Pink Floyd's "We Don't Need No Education")
*I Was made For Loving You -- (No, not the original, but a dance remix of the Kiss song)
*Tutto Nero -- Caterina Caselli (an Italian version of "Paint it Black")
*Tainted Love -- Gloria Jones (the original)
*I Want a Lover -- Pet Shop Boys (surprisingly, a good song to lift or do cardio to, with its dark, dirty beats)
*Heart -- Pet Shop Boys (see above comment)
*Go West -- Pet Shop Boys (a great, celebratory running song)
*Proud -- Heather Small
*Send Me An Angel -- Pepper Mashay
*Piece of Me -- Britney Spears (yeah, I said it. Britney. And it's a great nasty, lifting song.)
*Don't Start Me Down -- A mash-up of Pink V. ELO. Fun stuff.
*Spotlight -- Jennifer Hudson (Great to hear as soon as the run is over.)

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