Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ivri Lider Kissed a Girl

... and he liked it. It would be one thing if someone merely covered the Katy Perry song and even slowed it down quite a bit, but when that someone is a gay man, like Israeli pop star Ivri Lider, the song becomes something different altogether.

His version, introspective and, well, for lack of a better word, questioning, is not a cover version, it is a brilliant song in its own right. The combination of the acoustic treatment, his weary, somewhat worried, perhaps kind of confused, voice, takes the situation, shakes it up and puts it back down, all upside down. The tenor of the song is especially brought to the forefront when, just as Perry sang in her version, he says, "I hope my boyfriend don't mind it." Then to top it off, you have a nice-looking woman enter the room (a bathroom?), walk out, and he soon follows her.

Or I could just be reading way too much into it. I think not. Nothing black and white about it; it's all gray, and I guess that's why I like it. Ivri Lider is just brilliant.

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Stephen Rader said...

Okay, I LOVE THIS!!!!

I actually thought about singing this at open mic awhile back, but I wouldn't have slowed it down like that. I would have made it ridiculous.

Which is why I'm not getting laid and that boy is getting anybody - - man, woman or other - - that he wants!!!