Monday, March 2, 2009

Hat Trick!

This is what happens when you hold Blackhawks construction helmet night on the same night as when a player -- in this case Johnathan Toews -- scores a hat trick.

FYI, a hat trick, which doesn't happen that often (think a grand slam home run in baseball -- maybe once or twice a year per team) is when one player scores three goals in a game. For Toews, last month was the first hat trick of his two-year old NHL career. Additionally, when a hat trick is scored, fans often throw their chappeaus on the ice to honor the achievement. On this night, however, hundreds of plastic construction helmets rained down onto the ice at the United Center. Thing is, though, what was Toews' third goal of the night was subsequently disallowed because his stick was too high when the goal was made. Not long afterward, though, he scored yet another goal, which was not in doubt. The hats -- though not as many as before -- came down once again.

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