Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Grammy How I Love Ya...

Yes, I know it's a week or so after the fact, but here are my notes on the Grammys. I didn't intend to blog about it, hell, I didn't even plan to watch it, but I started to watch after it had begun, and I was hooked. Not that it was great or notable awards presentation - it was infuriating at times -- I actually yelled at the TV a few times, for gross injustices like the absurd amount of awards that Robert Plant got (huh? what decade is this? Now I understand why rappers and others get so upset) but it was great TV. So here's what I thought at the time, written on the pink paper bag that my local card shop put my St. Valentine's Day cards in.

* My spine will tingle every time I think of Jennifer Hudson's performance tonight. Stunning. Classy. Brilliant. Strong.

* Coldplay dressed like rock stars.

* Adele won 'Best New Artist'! Yes! Take that, Jonas Bros.! Oh, she's so cute...

* I want the jacket Kanye West wore. But what was with his Ghostbusters hair?

* Samuel L. Jackson and Justin TImberlake are buddies?

* What was on Morgan Freeman's hand?

* Record of the Year? Robert Plant? What year? 1978? You gotta be freakin' kiddin' me.

* Is every performance going to be a duet? Or a superstar trio?

* Radiohead backed by the USC Marching Band? Cool.

* Of all the songs Sir Paul McCartney could sing -- "I Saw Her Standing There?"

* It was cool though to see McCartney cheering on and singing along from his seat for the Four Tops, or rather One Top, Smokey Robinson, Ne-Yo and Jamie Fox.

* Neil Diamond is a freakin' legend. Still, he had a ground-breaking, No. 1 album this past year, and he sings "Sweet Caroline"? Geez.

* Damn, a lot of great musicians died last year. Too bad they were each honored for like three seconds apiece, if that long.


Stephen Rader said...

Although I haven't heard it, I've been told the Robert Plant & Allison Krauss album is outstanding. Now, I'm a bluegrass fan and the person who told me that was a bluegrass fan, just so you know.

I'll buy it and let u know what I think. :)

Sarospice said...

Darling, Coldplay think their new album is SRGT. PEPPER ergo those lame jackets.
As for the duets and threepeats, the Grammy's get off on this taking an old artist and matching them with a young artist crap, instead of just being current and letting todays artists play. ;]