Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"I'm Shocked!"

The past 24 hours, when Illinois politicians were tripping over themselves running fast and far from now indicted Gov. Rod Blagojevich and were just as madly trying to outdo each other with their expressions and exclamations of shock and dismay over his alleged corruption, made me think of this scene from Casablanca.

In it, the police guy says he is "shocked to find out there is gambling going on here," and as soon as he finishes saying that, someone brings him his winnings from said shocking gambling.

Similarly, how many of these politicians, be they Democratic or Republican, knew Blagojevich was dirty? Why did no one say so publicly before the indictment? Why did no one who was approached by him or his lackeys (yeah you Jesse Jr., Sam Zell and Ms. Sneed) go to the feds? (the exception, it turns out, being Rahm Emmanuel, who may have been the one to tip off the feds about Blagojevich's outright auctioning of Barack Obama's vacant Senate seat.)

Shocking, indeed, but not because of the reasons these bums want us to believe.


Stephen Rader said...

Brilliant observation! I'm sure that Blago considers himself to be "only a poor corrupt official" just like Captain Renault does.

Now, I'm going to put in my dvd of CASABLANCA and fall in love with Bogey for 748th time. :)

Catherina said...

Correction... I think Blago's father-in-law called him corrupt and suggested an investigation into his daughter's husband's business and governmental practices.

So yes, one person did stand up against Blago, for the people.
Dick Mell.


And now his daugther may face inditement.

Hate to be at the Mell's for Christmas!