Friday, November 14, 2008

My New Crush

I have to admit this crush I have. I just have to. I fell for him since I first saw him a few weeks back, and today I saw him again. He's cute -- adorable, actually -- kind of young, has a great personality, has some baggage (hey, who doesn't?), and worst of all, since this is what tears me up the most, he's available. Such a pity, because I'm nearly certain my partner would allow a third party, at least in this case, into our life. Oh, but this is a crush destined to be unrequited, since my landlord is against these types of relationships and will not allow them in his buildings.

And my heart aches for him because I hope he will find love, and soon. 

His name is Toby, he's a one-year-old Beagle, and he has been the Pet of the Week in the Chicago Free Press for a couple/few weeks now. Toby was abandoned and rescued from a county kill shelter (yes, no typo there -- not a "no-kill" shelter, but a "kill" one). He had "a wagging but sadly broken tail," according to the shelter taking care of him now. "Wagging but sadly broken!" How could you not fall for that? But our apartment building has a "no pets" rule. :( 

If you know anyone who can offer Toby a home, they can call the Quincy shelter at (217) 434-8337.


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Stephen Chapman... said...

They actually call it a "kill" centre?!?