Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yes We Can

Where has Boy George been lately, you ask? Well, we know he hasn't been to America -- some nasty business about a Visa denied, some rumors about a drug offense, maybe a bit of kidnapping, some court-mandated community service picking up garbage -- but he's paid a visit to one place he truly belongs, and that's the recording studio.

Here is his video for "Yes We Can," Boy George's campaign anthem/mantra for Barack Obama. Think of it as the 21st century answer to Frank Sinatra's "High Hopes," which he recorded for the 1960 presidential campaign of John F. Kennedy.

Like "High Hopes," this is a lovely, peppy, fun, cheery, optimistic, and, well, hopeful song. Too bad Boy George can't get into this country to sing it live. But that's what the Internet is for. Pass it around, tell your friends about it, turn it up and play it loud at home and hopefully we will also hear it many times through the night and into the early morning in November.

1 comment:

Stephen Rader said...

Let's hope a tone of people hear it between now and November. We've got too much to lose to not win.