Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Republicans Pale in Comparison

I have a friend who is a Republican and has bought into the whole "Country First," "Obama is a Terrorist" line of thought hook, line and sinker. For some strange reason, maybe because I don't hate the police and am generally cynical and suspect of those who are liberal, even though I am proudly progressive, she still talks to me and I still communicate with her.

She's working hard for McCain, and today I got an e-mail from her, which detailed a trip she took down to St. Louis this past weekend to see the senator from Arizona and his Vice Presidential running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, at a campaign rally.

Following is an excerpt from her e-mail.

"Once we got there they [McCain's people] gave us 'Dem McCrats for McCain' t-shirts. Not too many people on the bus were willing to wear the t-shirts, but I DID -- with Hillary stickers and all!!!!

"At the end I went up to (okay, I pushed my way through) to the Senator and he saw my t-shirt and reached out for my hand. He pulled me through the people and said, 'Thank you very much for wearing that t-shirt. Thank you."

My friend also says that she, in her "Dem McCrats for McCain" t-shirt with Hillary stickers on it, was interviewed by a Chicago TV station, had her picture on Fox News, and had a photo of her and McCain taken by an AP photographer.

So, two things from this. First, Republicans, especially those associated with the McCain campaign, are a bunch of lying, deceitful bastards who will try to manipulate the media and the electorate into thinking Hillary Clinton supporters are actually flocking to McCain/Palin. Secondly, when McCain tells her "Thank you very much for wearing that t-shirt," does that mean that the senator knew about his campaign's efforts in manufacturing fake Hillary supporters and Democrats who now are supporting him?

It's one thing to win a race or try to win a race by debating your merits and your running mate's. It's one thing to lay out your plan for how you will make people's lives better when you are president. It's one thing to suggest that people are switching parties and allegiances to vote for you because they believe in you and your candidacy. It's another matter altogether to lie and to create a movement with lies and deceit and manipulation. The pathetic, desperate bastards.

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