Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bear With Me

Like a lot of what I do, I've entered the blogohighway with some intention, a little direction, but no road map whatsoever, except for the mirrors I use to take (hopefully not too many) clues from the bloggers who are on the road with me. I hope I'm not driving so slowly as to elicit the ire of those I dare to call my fellow bloggers as they speed on past me. My first couple blog posts haven't looked remarkably professional, I haven't quite figured out how to insert pictures, sound and video (but watch out when I do) and some of what I've attempted has had the effect of looking like it was put together by an 8-year-old (or, more likely, these days, by a 40-year-old), but I promise in time I'll find my footing (or my "voice" to steal a term from the master stealer Hillary Clinton), and I'll give you a reason to come back regularly and see what I've been up to, what I've come up with and what's gotten me in an uproar. Enjoy the ride. Just don't change my radio station, OK?

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