Monday, November 9, 2009

What Would Jesus Contribute?

For anyone, any Catholic, specifically, who is not taking any action in their own diocese in the wake of the half-million dollar campaign by the Catholic Diocese of Portland, Maine to bring down marriage equality in that state, take a look at where the Maine Catholics' money came from.

Catholic churches from throughout the country, including New Orleans, Gary, Ind., Rockford and Joliet, Ill., Biloxi, Miss., etc., etc., all gave money to the campaign of hate orchestrated by the Maine Catholics (with a little help from their new Mormon friends). Most gave $1,000, some gave $500, Rockford gave $5,000 (!!!). Apparently these dioceses are swimming in cash since they can afford to send the contributions from their followers to Maine to fund a political operation (are you listening, IRS???) This is infuriating, saddening and despicable. More than a half-million dollars that could have fed the hungry, clothed those without a winter coat, sheltered the homeless, provided counseling to people with a variety of physical and psychological ills and worries was instead funneled into a campaign to repeal marriage equality which was successful but which ultimately will be overturned, either by the voters or the progress of society in general. A half-million dollars. Children in this country are going hungry, adults are out of work, people in hospitals and the elderly who are in nursing homes are alone, and likely these days, as much or probably more than ever in the history of this country, people are talking to God, wondering what will happen next, where they can turn, how they can possibly hope for something better, and what is the Church's answer? To pour $554,000 into a campaign to repeal marriage equality. How sad.

This is not my Church, anymore.


Joey said...

I'm disappointed in the Church, too. Were you raised Catholic, like I was?

Anonymous said...

P.S. : Looking back over your blog, I see you have good taste in music. But why were you such a crazy Obamabot!? (Oh and learn, right? NEVER trust a politician). -J.

james said...

J: Yes, I was raised catholic, which makes the hard right turn that the Church has taken in recent years even more disturbing and tough to fathom. When i was a kid, the teacher had a 'respect life' bumper sticker on his desk, but the preaching at that time emphasized respect for ALL life, and abortion was just one aspect. There was also a great social justice component to to Church's teaching. But now it's all about abortion and defending the Church instead of defending people.

Oh, and about Obama, you gotta have hope. He appealed to our hopes, not fears. It's not my fault that he has - so far - failed to live up to his promises.

Joey said...

I understand exactly what you mean about the Church. I'm very disappointed in them.