Monday, June 8, 2009

'A Growing Firestorm'

Americablog taps into it.

"People may generally love Obama. But gay people are pissed. And growing more so by the day. The overall impression in the gay community is that we've been, or are about to be, had by this administration; that someone in Obama-land (rhymes with Rahm) is telling the President that we're political pariahs who must be shunned at all costs."

More than 10 percent of the states now have equal marriage and they may soon be joined by two or three more, but the President has yet to say one word about this. Gay and lesbian service members are still being rooted out -- at great cost to taxpayers and their service branches -- and the president has yet to address this, after promising to be a "fierce advocate" for LGBT rights. He doesn't have to overturn Don't Ask Don't Tell -- he can however, stop the enforcement with single pen stroke. "Gay" was one of his favorite words on the campaign trail and even on election night, but since he's taken office, the closest he's come to demonstrating support of anything gay has been a date night on Broadway with the First Lady.

You can ignore and marginalize and triangulate, Mr. President, but you better watch out, for, as Aravois says, "I can't name a single Democrat (or Republican for that matter) in recent memory who's been on the receiving end of our ire and walked away unscathed. This isn't your daddy's gay community."

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