Saturday, April 4, 2009

Throwing My Arms Around Morrissey

I think since I reference Him in this blog's subtitle, I should at least occasionally post some news about Morrissey or my obsession with him.

This is Morrissey weekend for me. Tonight I am going to see him at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. It ain't much of a ballroom -- it's more just a giant pit with a horrible sound system, and I have seen him there at least three times already, but it's only a mile or so away from where I live so I can walk there.

Monday night I am going to see Him in Minneapolis, at a place that looks to be a great, once grand and recently refurbished old theater. That should be fun.

Actually both shows should be fun. Tonight I will be going with my friend Michael, whom I saw Morrissey with in Milwaukee last year, then we will be meeting my other half, Stephen, at, appropriately enough, the Wild(e) Pug salon, which is an English-inspired gay club, which may or may not have music and drinks that bring to mind Dear Old Blighty (or they may just play thump-thump music and have go-go boys wearing Union Jacks. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but after a Morrissey show?)

Monday Stephen and I will be driving up to Minneapolis, which I have never been to before, so I can see Him there, then we will hang out a bit in one half of the Twin Cities before driving back to Chicago Tuesday. On my list of things to do up there is visit a cafe called the Wilde Roast and of course, stand in the street and toss my hat up in the air, a la Mary Tyler Moore. In this instance, I allow anyone to say, "That's so Gay!" Because, well, it is. I like it, though.

Trip details, as well as photos, of course, will be posted next week. I might just make it after all ...


Stephen Rader said...

Again, I'm jealous! Have a great time at both concerts.

Please take a picture of you throwing your hat in the air a la MTM. I would love to see that! :)

Jamison said...

Did you go to the Morrissey afterparty at 7th St. Entry? Hopefully someone told you about the Mary Tyler Moore statue down the street and you tossed your hat there :)

james said...

After the show I met my bf and his pal Nate, who lives in the Twin Cities, at a Irish-esque pub a few blocks away, and appropriately enough, we were seated -- unintentionally on their part since it was kind of crowded -- at a table next to a nice big picture of Oscar Wilde. OW was just inescapable this week, from the way Morrissey channels him, to the pub to the Wilde Roast -- "Irish Blood, English Heart," indeed.

Pics (and more details) will be up here at some point. The State Theatre was gorgeous, though. Very nice. And Moz seemed much more comfortable there than at the Aragon in Chicago. Guess that moat between the crowd and the stage doesn't help matters much.