Friday, October 3, 2008

Re-issue, Re-package ...

A long time ago, Morrissey mocked those record companies who would "re-issue [and] re-package" the music of one of their artists, merely to squeeze more money from the fans of the artist, who may not even be on the label anymore or who might even be dead and not making new music. For quite awhile I've honored Morrissey's opinion by not giving in and buying any of his CDs that had previously been released (though I have almost every CD single of his -- I haven't replaced all the vinyl Smiths singles I have purchased over the past two decades), but I may give in at this point and buy the next planned re-issue, of his album "Southpaw Grammar."

According to the quasi-official Morrissey site True-to-You (Julia, Julia, why does he love you more than me, Julia?) Southpaw Grammar will be re-released in January 2009, with new artwork and three previously unreleased songs. That's it, I'm in; they've got me. This time.

(The new songs are "Honey You Know Where to Find Me, Fantastic Bird and You Should Have Been Nice To Me.)

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