Sunday, August 3, 2008

September Song

It's been a true test of whatever willpower I have, but I have delayed my planned summer purchase of an ipod touch until at least September, when, according to all the rumors, a new and improved (and possibly less expensive) version goes on sale. It seems there may be some truth to the rumors, since apple is dumping their supplies of the current crop of touches, tossing one in for free for college kids who buy a mac and making quite a lot of noise about their sale of refurbished" touches through the apple store. 

I have also found out that Morrissey's new studio album, "Years of Reversal," is complete and will go on sale in September. Patience rewarded, yet again. I can hardly think of a better thing to do with my birthday month than to get a snazzy new ipod and the first album I would download onto it would be the new Morrissey. It's nice to have such things to look forward to.


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