Saturday, June 21, 2008

No More Words

Well, at least enough of these words. It's only June, but I'm compelled to issue a mid-year moratorium on the following words, as I am sick of hearing them. Most have been used in political settings, but I'm not tired of any of these particular words or phrases because of who has uttered them, I just can't stand to hear them anymore because with their repeated use and overuse, they have long ago worn out their welcome, and carry little weight any more. 

* Formidable
(as in "-- is a formidable opponent")

* Vet/Vetting/Vetted

* "Under the bus"

* Disenfranchised
(unless you're talking about losing your McDoanld's store)

1 comment:

Nosokomaniac said...

Can I add one? Well two really...

mortgage crisis

They just need to stop saying that...