Saturday, May 17, 2008

More Profiles in Courage

The Chicago Tribune's Eric Zorn on the California Supreme Court ruling:

Good news for gays; bad news for Dems
"So the California Supreme Court today overturned the Golden State's ban on gay marriage.

I'm all for full marriage rights and I believe that they will inevitably be granted in all 50 states.

But this is not an issue that the Democrats want on the front burner during this campaign season any more than they wanted it on the front burner four years ago when it seemed to motivate social conservatives to come out and vote.

Gay marriage isn't yet favored by a majority of Americans (see recent polls where support for gay marriage runs from 24 to 46 percent)."

That's his argument -- "I'm all for gay marriage, but if the Right Wing Wacko Religious Freaks come out, hold their noses and vote for McCain this November and the Democrats lose what should be a slam dunk for them, it's the gays' fault." 

Eric, you are a timid, unprincipled, spineless idiot. Are we -- all Americans, no matter what your sexual leanings -- supposed to wait for a public opinion poll to hit the 50.1 percent mark to make this. or anything, the right thing? Is that when you will crawl out of your safe, majority-approved hole and dare to say, "it's time"? You know what, though, your support, your OK, your approval isn't needed. You're pretty much irrelevant, and when the "inevitable" does occur, you will be forgotten, Mr. Nobody.


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