Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thank God For Baseball

There are many reasons I am happy baseball season is here, especially since my White Sox have gotten to a 5-2 start. But one thing that really made me happy last week, while watching the Sox play the Cleveland Indians on WGN TV, is that the game prevented the TV station from showing what regularly would have run in at least the first hour's time slot, the Maury Povich show. According to the onscreen TV Guide, Maury's show that day was to be something like "I'm not sleeping with him if he has sex with that drag queen!" Apparently Maury had run out of Baby Mamas and Daddies for the week. Like I said, Thank God for Baseball.

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Aaron said...

They play "Maury" on one of the sets in the gym at work when I'm down there. They also play "Days of Our Lives" and CNN, but since the machine I always use is DIRECTLY in front of the "Maury" set, I'm treated to a daily dose of "Who Da Daddy?"

I HATE that show. I have to either find a different time to work out (and the current time is the only time it's not packed) or just fucking BE fat and like it...!