Thursday, March 27, 2008

Picture of the Day

(Barack Obama in Greensboro, NC, via Reuters, via the Beachwood Reporter)

This is the sort of image and moment that brings tears of ... joy? pride? dare i say hope? to me and hopefully all patriotic Americans. I almost don't want to get all Flickr comment about it, but I wonder if it would look better, be more powerful, if it was cropped so that the people taking their own pictures were cropped out of it. (I'd really like to know what the photographers out there think of that.)

You don't often see pictures that exemplify the "1,000 Words" maxim, but this is one that does, that if you have a heart, and hope, you need not say much about it. That being said, I just feel that were Barack Obama to be elected president, ours would be a country that, once again, people (yeah, like the young man in the photo) would be able to look up to again.

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